Bupp Monday

Welcome to Bupp Monday, the new name for Bupp100! Mondays are rubbish, so we've decided to make them a bit better, every week we'll bring you a little treat to look forward to. You can expect special offers, competitions, extra quizzes (with the chance to win a prize) as well as others!

What's this week's Bupp Monday?

This week, get a 25% discount when you Buy Points on Bupp. Perfect if you're running low on points to use against our awesome offers, or if want some more in your wallet to play our Bupp Auctions. If you're low, don't be slow, as this offer is only valid until 23:59 on Sunday 26th of June.

To get yours all you need to do is:
1. Tap the 'Check it out' button below or visit the Buy Points page on Bupp
2. Choose from any of our pre-selected amounts
3. Pay the discounted rate using a credit or debit cart