Earn Points

Hugo Ruiz

How can you earn Bupp points?

Bupp points are temporarily not available to purchase while we refresh our system, but there are still a few ways for you to earn! 

1. Complete your Bupp proifle

Hover over the "Hey there" button at the top right of the page and click on "My Bupp". Go to "My Profile" and fill out your details to get 100 points!  

2. Refer a friend

Under "My Bupp", scroll down to "Refer a friend". Share your unique code and both you and your friend will get 100 points. 

3. Do the quiz

Anyone who completes the quick, 5-question Bupp quiz will earn 125 points! 

4. Follow us on Instagram 

We randomly award our Instagram followers with extra Bupp points - so follow for your chance to win!